Becoming a Vegan

Over the past few months, I’ve gradually become a vegetarian, and am now tending toward veganism (someone who neither eats nor utilizes animal-based products). It wasn’t a conscious decision. I didn’t say to myself, “Gee, what can I do to change things up and liven up my life?” (Although that’s exactly what happened.) It’s been … Continue reading

Les Miserables with Anne Hathaway, 2012 — Powerful and riveting A few weeks ago, when my husband and I saw the preview  for Les Miserables, I said, “I want to see that.”  I usually like movies with Anne Hathaway, so that sold me a bit right there.  But Les Miserables is a famous play that I’ve never seen.  I wanted to increase my cultural awareness. My … Continue reading

SeaWorld in Orlando Florida – Dolphin Video

Years ago, I lived in Florida and SeaWorld was one of my favorite places. So when my husband and I were recently in the Orlando area, we took a day to visit the park. I was surprised to find that the Sea is gradually being removed from SeaWorld. Many years ago, I was disappointed to learn during … Continue reading

Inside Man with Clive Owen and Denzel Washington

After browsing the U-verse “movie collection” previews, Sam and I settled on Inside Man, starring Clive Owen and Denzel Washington; directed by Spike Lee. I don’t usually like bank-job movies, but this one was interesting. Most of the characters weren’t quite what they appeared. And even though we were introduced to the four criminals at the beginning of the movie, we weren’t quite sure of their identities until the end. A complex script, without a lot of incongruities.