Lufkin Texas and Ralph and Kakoo’s

July 15, 2011

Yesterday afternoon, we drove to Lufkin. Once we got to the hotlel, hubby took a nap, while I worked on my blog. Later, we were off to dinner at Ralph and Kakoo’s [New Orleans-Style] Seafood Restaurant. It was tempting to order a steak, because the prices for beef were much more reasonable than they are inArkansas. But it seemed wiser to order a dish that a restaurant specializes in. As though to stamp their cuisine authentic, a group sitting next to us spoke Cajun.

I had the Catfish Acadiana, catfish stuffed with crabmeat. It was a little heavy on the salt, but otherwise quite tasty. The steamed vegetables were done to perfection – tender with just a hint of crispness. The blue cheese dressing on the mostly-Romaine dinner salad was the best I’ve had in years. The rolls were fresh0-baked with just a hint of garlic.

Getting back to the hotel, which was less than 3 miles away, was a real challenge. Most cities are laid out in a grid systems. Here the streets seem to be a series of loops, with slightly overlapping loops running nearly parallel to one another. It’s hard to get a sense of direction – and hard for the GPS to determine which similar street you’re on at any given moment. After driving back and forth past our hotel several times – without being able to actually reach it – we finally saw a pet hotel that we’d passed on the way in. From that point, my husband remembered how to get to the hotel. Had I been alone, I’d have tried to reset the GPS from that point, since it had directed us in earlier without problem.

This morning, Ellen Trout Zoo. This afternoon, The Texas Prison Museum.