Using the washer to hand launder delicates

I never hand wash-items. Instead, I place each delicate item in a pillowcase and then tie the open end in a knot (queen size cases work well – they’re a little longer and easier to secure). I then set the load size to “mini,” put the temperature on cold, set the cycle to “delicate,” and add a small amount of laundry detergent. As soon as the load is done, I remove the items from their bags and hang them to dry – except for full-size sweaters, which I drape over a drying rack so that they don’t stretch out too much.

This is also a great way to wash fabrics that quickly become worn-looking or mis-shapen with repeated washings – like T-shirts, bras, or stockings.

Whether items are delicate or not, I launder all shirts and pants inside-out. This way, the fabric becomes most worn where it can’t be seen.