Barbie dolls spy on families; Corporations take over school districts; Cotton’s letter to Iran

By now, I had planned to post all of my photographs from Burma. However, my own country has been seized by anti-democratic oligarchs, whose activities have escalated. Their assaults are so many, that it is now difficult to keep up. It has come to the point that we, as a people, can no longer afford … Continue reading

A night at Ramada Inn on the Hill in Hattiesburg MS

I leave Florida at6:00 a.m.; drive thirteen hours. I pass through Mobile, Alabama, and continue toHattiesburg. A sign catches my eye – Ramada Inn on the Hill — $45/night. I can’t see the hotel from the road, but drive up a zig-zagged driveway to investigate. “How bad can it be?” I think. “It’s a major … Continue reading