CEO/employee wage comparison chart

USA Today reports that it would take an employee making $10 an hour more than two months to earn as much as the average CEO makes in a single hour. (Maximum Wage! How much CEOs earn an hour, by Matt Krantz, April 6, 2015) The CEO wages in the below table were taken from this … Continue reading

In Arkansas, billionaires are only taxed on 0.6% of their earnings – soon to be reduced.

The Arkansas legislature is pressing through HB 1402, the second bill this year which allows billionaires to evade, in essence, all taxes. Currently, the first $10 million of long-term capital gains (investment income) is taxable in Arkansas. However, anything earned beyond that is tax-free. Of that first $10 million, 40% (or the first $4 million) … Continue reading

Public protest wins! Little Rock prevents corporate takeover of school district!

  The following are highlights from an article on the Arkansas Times web-site regarding the attempt to place public schools under corporate control (School privatization bill pulled for this session, by Max Brantley, March 17, 2015, … Representative Bruce Cozart has pulled House bill 1733 to allow privatization of, among others, the Little Rock School … Continue reading

Supreme Court Justice Scalia uses the Constitution against its people

The following few paragraphs are from an article in the Arkansas Times (March 5, The Changeable Absolutist), written by Ernest Dumas. Mr. Dumas attended a recent event at the U.S. Marshals Museum in Fort Smith, Arkansas, where Supreme Court Justice Scalia spoke: To loud applause, Justice Scalia expounded on his famous originalist doctrine for interpreting the … Continue reading

Barbie dolls spy on families; Corporations take over school districts; Cotton’s letter to Iran

By now, I had planned to post all of my photographs from Burma. However, my own country has been seized by anti-democratic oligarchs, whose activities have escalated. Their assaults are so many, that it is now difficult to keep up. It has come to the point that we, as a people, can no longer afford … Continue reading

Citizen Koch ** State and corporate takeover of schools ** U.S. Government warrantlessly seizes emails after 180 days

Citizen Koch – worth viewing I recently watched a documentary called Citizen Koch. From articles I have read, I gather that this film was originally scheduled to air on PBS, but was pulled when mega-wealthy donors affiliated with the Koch brothers threatened to pull their funding. David Koch has donated $83 million to PBS since the 1980s, the same … Continue reading

Social media bill proposed by Nate Bell, allowing employers to supervise workers’ social media use 24/7

Social Media Bill (1) Here in Arkansas, Nate Bell (note that I refuse to call anyone Representative who does not, in fact, represent the people) has proposed changes to a social media bill passed in 2013. These changes effectively scrap the protections that bill afforded. Under the proposed legislation, employers can require employees to connect with them … Continue reading