Exchanging money and government spies in Myanmar

Exchanging Money The Sedona Hotel Yangon has an on-site bank, where tourists can exchange U.S. currency for kyat [pronounced chat].  But there’s a catch.  The U.S. notes must be pristine and crisp.  And fifties or hundreds are best. I had learned of the necessity for pristine bills well before our trip commenced, but getting such … Continue reading

Myanmar National Museum and Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon

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The air in the Myanmar National Museum in Yangon is stagnant and hot.  We fan ourselves with museum maps, as we wander room after room of banal artifacts.  Tools used by the country’s 135 indigenous cultural groups are displayed, as are a sprinkling of articles used by ancient kings.  The presentations are completely apolitical.  There … Continue reading

Chaukhtatgyi Pagoda and releasing birds for merit – Yangon, Myanmar

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  Our tour bus escaped the blockage, and merged with a river of traffic that gurgled rather than flowed.  We headed toward Chaukhtatgyi Pagoda and, upon arriving, piled our shoes into a plastic crate currently reserved for our group. I was immediately struck by how practical everything looked.  We entered into an open-air, warehouse-style structure … Continue reading

Waking up in Yangon

Our first morning in Yangon, we were awakened by hoarse, raucous cries, emanating from a large tree.  Sam thought monkeys were about, while I imagined parrots.  We parted the blinds, and saw large crows flitting between the twisted branches.  Crows fill a niche in Yangon, similar to that of pigeons in American cities. We dressed … Continue reading

Korean Airlines to Yangon (Rangoon) in Myanmar

Destination: Myanmar (aka Burma). We flew out of LAX on Korean Airlines, and were on our way. An hour into our flight, an attendant approached us with a bow. It had come to their attention that no one had verified our visas. We handed her the black-and-white printouts of our e-visas, and she appeared anxious. … Continue reading

Photographs from the Pink Palace Museum in Memphis, TN

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This weekend, my husband and I visited the Pink Palace Museum in Memphis, Tennessee.  The museum has something for everyone.  We stayed three hours, leaving when we simply couldn’t process more information.  We’ll definitely be making a second trip. The Bella Cafe is on the first floor.  The food is delicious.    

Photographs from the Little Rock Zoo, Arkansas

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When I’m in the mood for a long walk, I sometimes go to the zoo.  On this particular day, it was overcast, and I’d hoped the animals would be especially active. Instead, most were simply relaxing. Although there weren’t many action shots to be had, I did get a few portraits.  I always look forward to … Continue reading