Photographs from the Pink Palace Museum in Memphis, TN

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This weekend, my husband and I visited the Pink Palace Museum in Memphis, Tennessee.  The museum has something for everyone.  We stayed three hours, leaving when we simply couldn’t process more information.  We’ll definitely be making a second trip. The Bella Cafe is on the first floor.  The food is delicious.    

Photographs from the Little Rock Zoo, Arkansas

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When I’m in the mood for a long walk, I sometimes go to the zoo.  On this particular day, it was overcast, and I’d hoped the animals would be especially active. Instead, most were simply relaxing. Although there weren’t many action shots to be had, I did get a few portraits.  I always look forward to … Continue reading

Clinton Presidential Center (Library)

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I recently met my friend, Marty Smith, at the Clinton Presidential Center to collect a painting we’d commissioned from her.  The painting, pictured below, depicts Bourke’s Luck Potholes in South Africa. These are other landscapes done by the same artist: While at the Clinton Library, I practiced taking pictures using my iPhone.

Photographs from Memphis Zoo in Tennessee

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Below are photographs from a recent trip to Memphis Zoo in Tennessee. Male lions are my favorite animals to photograph. However, their manes emit a yellow-green haze. This haze is not seen by the naked eye, but it often spoils photographs when it is captured by the camera. I encounter the same problem when photographing … Continue reading