Little Rock Film Festival 2011 (day 2)

From June 3, 2011 Art, film, literature. They go hand-in-hand. Last week, I read an article in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette about an upcoming event, the fifth-annual Little Rock Film Festival. Unfortunately, opening night tickets were sold out, so I was unable to attend Wednesday’s red-carpet event. But I did buy a bronze pass online … Continue reading

The Impressionists and Their Influence

From April 29, 2011 Yesterday I visited the Arkansas Arts Center to view their new exhibition, The Impressionists and Their Influence and, in my opinion, it deserves a big thumbs-up! I particularly liked the way they grouped the paintings and drawings chronologically, room by room, so that the visitor could see the movement’s often crude … Continue reading

Heat sensitivity and color fastness in Canson Infinity Rag Photographique

This morning, ran water over images printed with on Canson Infinity Rag Photographique paper (printed with HP Vivera inks). The color didn’t run.

I also tested the paper, both printed and unprinted, in the oven, first at 170 degrees Fahrenheit and then at 220 degrees. Both image and paper appeared undamaged.

Canson Rag Photographique and Arches Velin Museum Rag

I tested both of these papers today. The Arches Velin Museum Rag is too stiff. It will not fold around the roller in my printer, and jams the device every time.

However, I’ll be using the Rag Photographique in the future. The colors closely resemble those of my proofs, which are run on HP Premium Plus Photo Paper. The primary color difference lies in the the blacks. On the HP paper, the blacks are crisp; deep. On the Rag Photographique, they have the sultry richness found in an etching. It should be noted that, on the latter,  the blacks don’t reach their full intensity until the print has thoroughly dried.

Legion was good to its word and sent me replacement Somerset Enhanced Velvet. However, I’m still experiencing a pronounced color shift.

Acrylic paint dries too quickly

I’ve encountered many artists who’ve expressed frustration with acrylics, and discarded them prematurely.

For those having difficulty with their paint drying too quickly on both palette and substrate, I highly recommend Liquitex Slow-Dri Blending Medium.

Two or three drops added to a dime-sized blob of paint keeps my colors workable for one to two hours. Since thinner films dry faster, it helps to keep the paint mounded (rather than smeared) on the palette.

A little Slow-Dri goes a long way. Excessive amounts cause the paint surface to become permanently tacky.

Another way to slow drying is to add any of the various gels available. However, many require a half-day or more to set, and some become cloudy if disturbed while half-dry.

Clearwater Marine Aquarium — home of Winter the tailless dolphin

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Flipping through a journal I keep in my handbag, I noticed notes from my visit to the Clearwater Marine Aquarium (dated September 2011). The Aquarium is home to Winter, the tailless dolphin whose story became a major motion picture. I was in Florida visiting my mother. It was to be my last day, but Mom … Continue reading

Lanna Thai and Bonefish Grill — two excellent Florida restaurants

Sam and I enjoyed two great restaurants this week. One was Lanna Thai Restaurant (4871 Park St. N., St. Petersburg, FL). Being a sucker for décor, this restaurant had me wowing from the moment I walked in. The dining room’s walls appear to be constructed of ancient mud bricks. Massive elephants emerge from a wall … Continue reading