Scams 138-142

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A hibachi grill and a tree removal

Last weekend, my husband and I tried a new hibachi restaurant – Sashimi Japanese Steakhouse in Maumelle.

A newspaper article had said it was “a cut above” similar restaurants in the Little Rock area. I don’t know if I agree with that, but the food was good nevertheless.

Of course, the cook and the people sitting at the grill can make a big difference, and we lucked out on both counts.

We sat at one end of the grill; another married couple at the other. It was their first evening out in nearly a year. His folks were watching the kids.

They had driven into town from his parent’s country home, where they’re currently living. Their own home was destroyed some months ago by a tornado.

They held out a cell phone and smiled, taking pictures to preserve the memory and to post on Facebook.

She asked the cook whether he fixed stir fry meals for himself every night.

The cook shook his head. Usually I have microwave dinners. “If I’m really tired, I go to Taco Bell.”

Maybe that’s safer. Once, when I was living in an apartment, there came the overpowering smell of smoke. I stepped out the front door to see where it might be coming from. My next door neighbor opened his door at about the same time;  black  smoke wafted out behind him. He worked nights as a chef, and had fallen asleep while cooking his meal—nearly set the building on fire.

As for our own minor catastrophe – the large maple split in two by high winds – someone is coming this week to remove the tree and grind the stump level to the ground.

Getting estimates definitely pays off. The first man I called quoted $750. When I balked, it quickly came down to $550.

Sam said he knew it would be expensive. “How much were you thinking?”

“Remember when I got a quote to cut down and remove that big hedge?” I said. “They only wanted one-eighty. I’m thinking it should be between two and three hundred.”

So I called several more places. All but one said they’d send someone out during the week. The exception drove out that afternoon and quoted three-hundred. He answered the call quickly; quoted a fair price; he’s got the job.

What goes BAM in the night?

I’m sorry to see this maple go. It was damaged a couple of years ago by erratic weather. A fissure had formed in the trunk, caused when the temperature changed from extreme heat to extreme cold too quickly. When this happens, the bark separates from the healthy pulp beneath.

It gave us years of shade. Many baby bunnies nested among its spreading roots.

Interestingly, there were roots growing inside the tree, wherever the branches emerged. It was as if the tree knew that it might die, and was planning to leave a legacy from a dropped limb.

Scam 137

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Scams 132-136

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Scams 129-131

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